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**A GEL BOX contains 30 units.** 

SPARK Energy Gels are designed to deliver fast – Mid and Slow absorbing energy to working muscles and prevent bonking during intense training or competition. They contain a patented 3:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio, which has been shown to increase endurance and decrease post-exercise muscle damage. The consistency of the SPARK ENERGY GELS is between a regular gel and a liquid, making is easy to get down during exercise. We definitely recommend trying these out before a big day to see how your body reacts to the carb + protein blend. SPARK ENERGY GELS is a naturally flavored sweeteners or colors.

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RECOMMANDATION These gels are great for endurance training or races. The protein in the formula will slow the rate of carbohydrate absorption, making them more ideal for longer, lower intensity periods of exercise that require consistent energy. It is important to consume these gels with SPARK HYDRATION to optimize fuel delivery and prevent dehydration. Take one gel 10 minutes before exercise and every subsequent 60 to 75 minutes of exercise.


There are only 100 calories per packet. Shouldn’t I eat more than one every 60 to 75 minutes?

SPARK ENERGY GEL are limited to 100 calories because, in general, the body can digest roughly 350 calories per hour during exercise. If you tried to eat more, the body would divert blood from your muscles— say “buh-bye” to a personal record—to handle the excess food. If your metabolism is slow, then one SPARK every 45 minutes works fine. If you have an athlete’s metabolism, try ingesting one SPARK ENERGY GEL every 60 to 75 minutes and see if it agrees with you.

 How do you eat SPARK ENERGY GEL?

Rip open the top and squeeze the entire packet into your mouth—don’t save half of it for later. SPARK ENERGY GEL's recipe of carbohydrates and amino acids was created to be taken in one shot to provide you with maximum benefits.

How should you use SPARK ENERGY GEL to help you recover from hard training or racing?

When you stop, go ahead and eat a pack of SPARK ENERGY GEL, even if it’s been less than 30 minutes from your last shot of gel. Now that you’ve stopped exercising, your stomach can handle those calories and needs them to start restoring your muscle glycogen—essentially the body’s instant fuel reservoirs.

Can I use SPARK ENERGY GEL for a strength workout or even yoga?

Sure. While SPARK ENERGY GEL was designed for endurance sports, it can be used anytime you need energy to fuel a workout. It can also serve as a 100-calorie pick-me-up if you’re dragging or simply need a snack to carry you through until your next meal.


Yes, but well below zero. It does thicken in cold weather, so keep SPARK close to your body to keep it warm.

How long does SPARK ENERGY GEL take to work?

The fructose converts quickly into an energy molecule that your muscles can tap within minutes. The maltodextrin, which makes up 70-80% of the carbohydrate blend (depending on flavor), takes several minutes longer. Because of this delay, your muscles enjoy a steady stream of energy instead of one gigantic sugar rush and a corresponding crash.

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In the last 3 years, I was unable to finished a few Ironman because of my Muscles Cramping. SPARK was able to support me, understand me and we've tested different approaches and solutions. Now I manage my Ironman race with SPARK and they're protocoles without muscle cramps. Thank you SPARK !!!

Micheal B

Finally i've found the right solution for me ... SPARK !!! No gastric issue, and it taste good !!!

Jenny F.