**This article was written in english, then automatically translated by our website. Sorry for the french version**

Many of us are familiar with the functions of energy gels for endurance sports. In summary, they mainly provide us with energy via carbohydrates, and some gels are boosted with electrolytes and/or caffeine.

"Sports drinks aid to improve physical performance significantly because of its content of carbohydrate, electrolytes and water. However, in recent decades it has been found that drinking a sports drink with protein during exercise improves endurance performance, produces lower losses of body weight induced by dehydration and helps to reduce post-exercise muscle damage compared to a drink only with carbohydrate and electrolytes."

Following numerous studies and research, SPARK wanted to push the limits of sports nutrition by combining 4g of animal protein (whey) with the "traditional" carbohydrate+electrolyte recipe used in most energy gels. The advantages are many, but among others:

  • Carbohydrates combined with proteins make it possible to be effective longer;
  • We recommend taking the gel every 60-90 minutes, instead of the 30 minutes generally suggested;
  • The ISOTONIC formula allows absorption without water.

In North America, only a few companies - which we will not name, of course! - used this method. SPARK SPORTS NUTRITION, our Canadian company, also has its Natural Product Number (NPN) granted by Health Canada and offers you 4 flavours: MOCHA, POMEGRANATE, TANGERINE AND MARGARITA.

You can find our products online and in stores across Quebec, and very soon in Ontario and the rest of the Canadian provinces.

Hope this information helps you understand a little more about the ISOTONIC GELS WITH PROTEIN.