SPARK SPORTS NUTRITION was founded in 2017 by Jeff Verreault, M.Sc kinesiology and former cyclist. Jeff has had a career in the pharmaceutical industry, focused on market development, restructuring and pharmacokinetics. An entrepreneur of heart, Jeff was annoyed to see low-end products selling for our trop athletes. It was then that SPARK was born. Surrounded by the best researchers and Canadian universities in sports nutrition management, Jeff has successfully implemented various research protocols which have enabled him to develop new supplements for our athletes.

SPARK SPORTS NUTRITION’s mission is to push the boundaries of sports nutrition through science and develop the best nutritional products for the athlete. SPARK products are designed and manufactured in Canada, and use only the best pharmaceutical grade ingredients on the market.

At SPARK, we RACE CLEAN. All our products meet the standards, to date established by Health Canada in terms of sports nutrition. These new standards are considered to be the most stringent in the world.

Adopting SPARK as a sportsperson, retailer or trainer, not only encourages a Canadian company that promotes the highest standards in the industry, but also encourages research and development in terms of sports nutrition, based on new international recommendations.

SPARK is a family, a group of clubs and athletes. We also support a dozen partner clubs and athletes which benefit from our products and our advice.

To be part of the future SPARK SPORTS NUTRITION is to take part in change, in the evolution of nutritional era, and to participate in surpassing each athlete.