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In the last five years a new theory of muscles cramp management appeared. What is the TRP Theory? TRP channels connect the mouth into the central nervous system and the hypothesis is that stimulating these receptors somehow causes a ‘jolt’ reaction down the nerves that disrupts the signals that are causing a cramp.

Substances that stimulate TRP channels are things like wasabi, mustard oil and other pungent spices and it’s thought that this is where the idea of using pickle juice to cure muscle cramps Pickle juice contains acetic acid and it’s believed to be this (rather than the high levels of sodium in it) that stimulate the TRP receptors and help relieve cramps.

The older theory came from over 100 years old … but not robust at it was supposed to be. Cramping is so difficult to understand is that it remains a stubbornly fickle and unpredictable phenomenon to pin down and study properly. This is one reason why evidence for both the Dehydration/Electrolyte theory and the Neuromuscular theory is often not as robust as it could be. But the right balance of electrolytes in your blend for hydration is the key success. Don’t focus only on high level of sodium… but on the right balance of Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium.