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SPARK CAPS ELECTROLYTES contains five electrolytes in particular : sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and chloride. Those are playing a crucial role in maintaining normal human muscle function.

A shortage of any of these electrolytes can affect athletic performance through a range a subtle to serious side effects and potentially causing yet further cramping and muscle issues. It is in the athlete’s best interest to ensure that replacement of the full spectrum of electrolytes.

Athletes should consume one or 2 SPARK CAPS ELECTROLYTES every 30-60 minutes during any endurance sports. In some case, during hot conditions, athletes may have to consume a greater number of capsules to maintain safe electrolytes level.

If you are an athlete suffering of muscles cramp, you can maximize the electrolytes uptake by adding SPARK PRO to your hydration. Pre-loading with SPARK CAPS ELECTROLYTES can be helpful as well, and including electrolytes in recovery.

It is strongly recommended to test your planned electrolyte protocol in training several times before race day. 


SPARK products are tasty, versatile, efficient and from Quebec. I can't ask for anymore in terms of sports nutrition. Gels with protein are my favorite... they work ALOT !


I have been using SPARK's hydration products for several years now, and the products are by far the most effective mixes that I have ever used. I never cramp anymore and my stomach is always settled.


Having digestive issues, I had to try different gels and electrolytes before I found the ones that didn't give me reflux. Spark now follows me in all my workouts on the bike, by the pool, cross-country skiing, skating and after a run.


The products are amazing! It allows me to sustain a very high effort for several hours on trails and mountains without ever being afraid of a “down”. The flavors are also impressive, we never get tired of it!!! To consume without moderation