Hydration : The Battle.

Hydration : The Battle.

Let the best hydration wins. 

Like we did with the gels, we wanted to give you a little tour of the "other brands"(which we will not name) and what they have to offer versus SPARK HYDRATION PRO products. We compared 6 brands in total.

Let's start with the CARBOHYDRATES, because that's one of the key point that you want to look at when you take an hydration product. As we learned in the past blog Hydration Pro : what, when, why and how, carbs are used to give you a boost of energy during an high intensity training. If you take a look at the NUTRITION FACTS (the white table on your product package) you will see the types of sugars they used for the formula. 

For exemple, SPARK has 31 carbs, but uses 21g of slow sugars and 10g of fast sugars.

Most brand uses only, or mostly, fast sugars, which can lead to digestive discomfort and peaks and crash of energy. We found 1 popular brand that uses 2 types of sugars like us, and the others where a ZERO sugar formula (even if they say on the package that they helps for energy boost). 

Then, let's take a look at the ELECTROLYTES. They are used to help you avoid muscle cramps due to sweat, high intensity, and hot weather. As we know, everyone is different and also has different need as an athlete. But if we take a look at the numbers : SPARK uses 4 types of electrolytes, for a total of 1470mg per scoop. 

Surprisingly, all the other brands were under 750 mg total, and most of them had only Sodium, combined with a little bit of Potassium. One brand was similar to SPARK... but we won't tell you which one ! ;)

Finally, the OTHER FACTS. When you buy a product, you should do your research. Some brands launched their powder last year, claiming that they were the FIRST to add BCAA's to their hydration. Is it true ? Are they really the "first one"? Others say that you can get an energy boost, but they don't have any carbs or caffein in their Hydration product. Some researches says that STEVIA can replace the sugar, but is that enough ?

What WE can say, is that SPARK is Canadian, and produces in Quebec. We uses pharmaceutical grade ingredients (it's like the Sterling AAA steak that you buy at your local grocer) and have our Natural Product Number provided by Health Canada. We've been using BCAAs (2000mg, protein 3g) in the product since 2018. We created this formula with the collaboration of nutritionists and we really truly think that it's the best product you can take while training for endurance sports. 

After this information, we'd like to remind you that this is a personal evaluation and comparison of products and their ingredients. Of course, SPARK is our favorite ! So that's why we recommend that you consult a nutritionist and try product before you use them everyday, or before a competition. 

Everyone has different needs, let's hope we complete yours !