HYDRATION PRO : what, when, why and how ?

HYDRATION PRO : what, when, why and how ?


It is a combination of carbohydrates, electrolytes and BCAAs. Carbohydrates are composed of slow and fast sugars. This will allow you to avoid energy ups and downs during a workout. Also, it can avoid small gastric disorders that can be related to a significant sugar intake. We also have electrolytes, which in turn will help prevent muscle cramps, due to heat, intense effort and sweat loss. Finally, amino acids usually end up in our diet, but when combined with carbohydrates, this form of protein allows sugars to be used longer and more efficiently.

When and how should I take HYDRATION PRO powder?

When you have an intense effort of more than 45 minutes of time, it is suggested to consume a 500ml mixed with a scoop of SPARK HYDRATION powder. You can take it before, during or after, depending on the activity you will be doing. For example, for a 60-minute effort in running, it is suggested to drink before or after the run, to avoid "carrying additional equipment" with you. Remember: you must USE what you SPEND. Otherwise, you will store in the form of fat.

Why would I need this product?

As mentioned above, HYDRATION PRO is a supplement, it will help you fill the gaps in your body. When we lose a lot of salt and use our glycogen reserve, we have to replace them, and recharge, a bit like the gas of a car. When the tank is empty, you have to fill! And even if we put water and add a lot of motivation, you will end up missing something. It can resolve from dizziness, cramps, and fatigue.

The PRO ELITE contains 50mg of caffeine. The product is well identified on the front and top of the jar, with the SPARK coffee logo. This small dose will help you get the "little kick" necessary for a workout.

Hopefully, you'll use SPARK products well and have a better understanding of when, how, and why to consume them.

Enjoy the tasting!