OFF season : a training and nutrition preparation

OFF season : a training and nutrition preparation

The off-season period is very important in changing your eating habits, developing your muscle components and improving your technique, regardless of the sport. Here are 3 aspects to consider for your off-season months.

Eating habits

Whether it's changing your weight or managing your energy and digestion, you need to take the time to test and analyze the results. This is the time to test gels  and hydration, whether your energy is constant and digestion is going well.  No one wants a drop in intensity or insistent cramps during a competition!  So, you have to test.

On the other hand, do not abuse the good things.  Indeed, taking HYDRATION PRO for a 45-minute strength training workout may not be ideal, because water would enough. Be smart in your choices, because if you accumulate unused sugars, you will store them and therefore, take fat. Our diet must evolve with the training period, and the approach of a competition.

At pre-event expo, we often hear "but what do I have to eat for lunch tomorrow morning before my marathon?" .... Ouff, it's a bit late to test that! Each person is different, and also has different needs. That's why  the Specific Preparation Period (PPS) will help test the best "pre-race" combinations for you. It is also an opportunity to meet a sports nutritionist to help you in your process. 

Muscle components

Your feedback on your past season has enlightened you on your shortcomings and strengths. The General Preparation Period (PPG) and PPS are there for that! If you need to build muscle strength, in order to be more powerful and perform better on your bike during a time trial, or lose weight to be lighter to help your triathlon climbs, PPG helps achieve this goal. It's the same principle if you have to fix some recurring injuries. Find solutions (it may be a lack of flexibility, or another postural imbalance) and consult a physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor, massage therapist ... Each of these therapists can help you, just find the right one! 

The technique

Read articles, get informed, get a trainer, and improve your technique. Whether it's your swimming kick, your mountain bike technique, your changes of direction in hockey, your running stride, the improvement of your techniques will add to the improvement of muscle components and make you a better athlete. Complete everything with an adequate diet that meets your needs, corrects weaknesses and solves recurring problems. All this must be done BEFORE your Competition Period (your season).

In summary, be a complete, intelligent, and consistent athlete, using the 2 periods of preparation for competition: General Preparation Period  and Specific Preparation Period.  

Enjoy your preparation !