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SPARK THE BEET is a Canadian creation that meets the needs of endurance sports athletes.  Its unique formulation with 400 mg of natural nitrate certified allows to increase the oxygen intake in the body by creating a powerful vasodilatation. Nitrates are transformed in nitric oxide which allows to push harder and longer while promoting better recovery. 

SPARK THE BEET follows the new European scientific trends, that's why we added L-Citrulline. This product comes from the watermelon and allows to work synergistically with the NO thus a more potent effect of vasodilatation and a more pronounced decrease of the heart rate to the effort. 

To finish, we add a concentrated Montmorency black cherry that helps to reduce inflammation during the effort. 

Recommended use :

Mix 1 scoop of SPARK THE BEET's powder with water, or try it with apple juice and a maple syrup, during 6 days before the big race. Take 2 scoops the morning of the race. 

We do not recommend to take this product every day, and all year long. 

For any more questions about the BEET product, please email us. 


In the last 3 years, I was unable to finished a few Ironman because of my Muscles Cramping. SPARK was able to support me, understand me and we've tested different approaches and solutions. Now I manage my Ironman race with SPARK and they're protocoles without muscle cramps. Thank you SPARK !!!

Micheal B

Finally i've found the right solution for me ... SPARK !!! No gastric issue, and it taste good !!!

Jenny F.